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Biography of siddharth soni

studying mechanical engineering i love reading especially paulo coelho. my hobbies include listening to music, thinking and writting. i have intrest in lot of fields cosmology, theology, history of earth, world history, world geography, world politics and ofcourse in my mechanical engineering studies. i think that my best quality is my generosity and my wisdom. i vaccilate a lot in my personal life decisions. and yes i am very grateful to god for all good things in my life i know he loves me a lot. to know me more visit my blog Updates

Oh God, Let Me

Oh god, let me do it.
let me plant the flowers of joy in my life.
let me grow fruits of merriness,
and no thorns of strife.

let me say some unsaid words,
for with the grudges i can't walk the woods.

let me smile a little more,

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