Sidi Mahtrow Poems

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On Fugitive Poems

A fugitive poem is like being rescued
By a fireman from a house
When there is no fire
And when there is no house.

Cardiac Rehab

There’s a place not too far from home
Where old folks go to be not alone,
There they do the most amazing things.
It’s exercise for the mind and body of human beings.

Double Bubble - Double Trouble

Double Bubble is not to be confused
With the chewing gum that issued
In 1928, just before
The market crash we all abhor.

Ode To A Zipper

What it is that makes one appear
To challenge the meshing forces of a zipper
That come together as one
When a bit of force comes along.

Big Olaf

Gulf Avenue in a cluster of shops
The Mennonite ice-cream store
Has a small sign out front,
Nothing more.

Man's Best Friend

Dogs seem to understand
Better, the acts of man..
And what went before
It's best to just ignore

Which Witch?

Which Witch?
Is the one that looks over your shoulder

Ode To A Yellow Butterfly

The Yellow Butterfly

The butterfly rested on the ground
Near the spot of water it had found

The Curious Skunk

Nosie is his name
When he got his shot at Fame.
Visiting in the even’n hours
When others were in their unawares.

Thanksgiving -

The Blacksmith's Forge

He rest his hammer alongside the wall
And ask the boy that turns the bellows to not stop at all