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The Cricket (In The Fashion Of Robert Burns)

T’was the early days of Autum
An frost lay heavy on the fields
While in th’ house t’was snug an’ warm
With th’ smell of the blazn’ fire fillin’ us with good cher.

Green Peanuts

Harvested just after the first frost
The viney tops are blackened and soft.
And underneath like potatoes all snug in the soil
Are Spanish peanuts that reward farmer's toil.

Boiled Peanuts

In road-way stands throughout the South
Are fruits and veggies to tempt the mouth.
But one specialty, besides melons and cane,
Is nuts; called Boil'd Peanuts by name.

Nancy And Harry's Maginot Line

Digging deeper into debt
With no plans to end it yet
They only see spending.
That's the hand they're playing.

Rhymes Have I (From Robert Wright, Songs)

Rhymes fine rhymes
Rhymes fine rhymes have I
Rhymes fine rhymes sweet rhymes have I

Immanuel Kant

The Losr Maji

In a small town in the Midwest
Where everyone knew everyone’s business,
Before morning light
The story got around.


He got it froom the neighbor’s wife,
Who got it from the plummer,
Who got if from his roommate,
Who go it from the nurse

Jester In Chief

Standing amongst his peers
He says, (to quote another) “Lend me your ears”
For I have wit to share
Saying what no one else would dare.


</>'Please sir, can I have a bit more? '
For there's more in the company store
And I need it to ensure
That my citizen's wellfare is secure'

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