Sidi Mahtrow Poems

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Dna - Un-Zipping


Darwin thought when he wrote 'The Descent of Man'
He would be describing the Maker's plan*.

Meadow Muffins

Plop, Plop, Plop - -
As they drop,
Meadow Muffins by another name
Brings one's vocabulary to shame.

Old Shaky

He's famous for miles around,
The only barber in this town.
Gives haircuts to men and boys
Sometimes even to those other-wise.

Katrina - Katrina (An Answer)

Katrina was a blessing in disguise
Providing no way of compromise.
Freeing New Orleans' residents from imprisonment
In hovels of substandard tenement(s) .

On Being There*

The senses awaken,
Six in all to be taken.
In the first burst of light
On the screen; dim then bright

Ode To Old Blue

At the honky-tonk outside of town
A bit off the gravel driveway
You see Old Blue hangin round
Just standing there, thata way.

The New Abc's

A is for aids
the plague spread not by fleas.

B is for bitch

Ode To A Flea

There you be
Hard to find, or to see.
Happy ‘mongst the wool and flannel
Like so many of Wilkin's cattle.

On Google Rankings

In days of yore
(Actually two years shy of three score)
Was a family by name of Gore.
Being good citizens of Tennessee

Mutilation, Aggrandization Or Is It Enhancement?

No part of the body is immune:
From the practitioners of the art
To reshape the clay
That birth did impart.