Sidi J. Mahtrow

Sidi J. Mahtrow Poems

41. Ode To A Louse 1/27/2007
42. The Corkscrew, A Bowl Of Spaghetti And You 1/28/2007
43. Aunt Lilia's And Uncle John's 1/30/2007
44. The Cutting Horse Contest 12/18/2006
45. The Shape Of Things To Come 3/3/2007
46. Emoticons Are Nothing New 3/5/2007
47. The Satiric Eye (A Book Review) 3/24/2007
48. Supplication To The Devil 4/19/2007
49. Frostproof's Three Hurricanes 4/21/2007
50. On Criticism Of Poets By Other Poets 4/28/2007
51. Omar And The Courtesan 5/12/2007
52. Matthew Prior’s Sphnix Riddle - Legs? 6/9/2007
53. Blubber 6/16/2007
54. Gen Lost - A Response To Mill Field's Poem 7/26/2007
55. The Man From Hope - A Reply 7/26/2007
56. Smell The Fear 10/15/2007
57. Gasket's Ball - A Christmas Story 10/19/2007
58. October The Post Office Cat 10/24/2007
59. Bigotry Doesn'T Require An Advanced Degree 10/27/2007
60. Halloween,2007 11/1/2007
61. The First Snow 12/8/2007
62. Children Are Our Future 12/23/2007
63. Mac Cavity's Ten Lives 1/12/2008
64. He Was Here 4/21/2008
65. Why Do Baseball Players Spit? 5/17/2008
66. The Spit And Whittle Club 5/26/2008
67. Hillary C.* And Nancy P. 6/2/2008
68. Susan: Not All Plums Are What They Seem To Be. 6/10/2008
69. Thoughts On Teeth 6/18/2008
70. The Old Rope Swing 7/5/2008
71. Ode To A Buzzard (Or Why I'D Love To Be A Buzzard) 1/28/2008
72. Two Buzzards - A Fable In Modern Times 7/29/2008
73. Energy Independence 7/30/2008
74. Fat Jacks 7/30/2008
75. Mr. Slithers 7/31/2008
76. Fort Lonesome 7/19/2008
77. T. Boon* Pickens And His Windmills - 7/24/2008
78. Lunch Bucket 9/7/2008
79. Willow Springs Cemetery 9/10/2008
80. Mr. Goldstone Don'T Live Here Anymore 10/10/2008

Comments about Sidi J. Mahtrow

  • Abhay Vignesh L Abhay Vignesh L (3/8/2011 8:08:00 AM)

    Most of your poems are great...Especially reiterative poetry...Keep up the good work...

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  • Stephen Feltham (7/13/2009 5:46:00 PM)


    It was good to read your poem about Thomas Chatterton, despite his amazing talent he is not known by many people. I would be interested to know how he came to your attention and what prompted you to write this poem?


  • Cynthia Buhain-baello Cynthia Buhain-baello (7/7/2009 8:44:00 PM)

    I enjoyed readng your poems and I admire your skill and mastery of the art of poetry, having your own unique style. You write clearly and make your point without the prolixity of other poets, that so often leaves the reader lost in a literary maze. You have class, depth, profound content in your poetry, and your writing
    is amazingly creative.

  • Michael Tonkin (3/9/2005 8:23:00 AM)

    I take trouble with all of my poetry, and if you read 'Buzzard' again properly you will see that I have not confused the buzzard with some other bird. The poem is accurate in every respect and I trust you will be a little more careful when you try to be an expert.
    The buzzard does kill prey in the manner described in the poem, and yes I know he is a lazy bird, but he is not that lazy.

Best Poem of Sidi J. Mahtrow

reiterative Poetry

Reiterative poetry it seems proper to say
Has seen little sunlight in present day.
Yet it represents in all regard,
The beginning as English language broached forward.

Base on Anglo Saxon and Anglo Norman tongues
Reiterative poetry sloughed reluctantly along
Combining words in ways most proper
And in some case, crudely brought to halt, a stopper.

Meanings lost or lesser known,
Words and spellings made to fit the event reported on.
Such it is that Piers Plowman was written
By William Langland and others(?) too, in 1462.

Reiterative simply means...

Read the full of reiterative Poetry

Sugar Sand

Listen to the crunch
Of the sugar sand
As it yields to footsteps
That mark the path of man.

The grinding of crystals
Throbbing from within
A sense deeply moving
The crunch of sugar sand.

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