Sidi Mahtrow Poems

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Globalization And The Slaughter House Goats

Like the goats of old
These ones grow increasingly bold
For they see that at the end
There's more food for those who remain in the pen.

Mother's Day

I don't know why it's so hard to find
A 'greeting' card of a different kind.
One that is simple, yet so direct
That is tasteful and not suspect.

Darwin's Fish

Darwin had a fish named Very Brighte
‘Twas marked with spots of orange amongst the white
Such a fine example of selective breed'n
'Twould be a shame to see him eat'n.


It's not the best
Of neighborhoods
But why throw her out
In this weather

Blood For Oil - A Reply

And the alternative?
Those who as saprophytes live
Expecting others to sacrifice
So they can exist in deluded peace


Poems are like chocolate
The more you taste the more desperate
You become to sate your lust.
The muses tease and offer just

Eugene's Old Grey Mule

Mostly he just stood there
Next to the fence
Looking at what,
We knew not


Karl Ludwig Kahlbaum

In 1874, Karl Ludwig sat
Staring at his cat

On Old Age (As Viewed By Hermann Hesse)

Old age is a stage in our lives,
and like all other stages
it has a face of its own,
its own atmosphere and temperature,

Men Have Ovaries

There hidden in the abdomen
Are two glands in men
Poised along side the urinary tract
Located in the lower back