Sidi J. Mahtrow

Sidi J. Mahtrow Poems

321. My Banker 8/29/2014
322. Fire Ants 8/29/2014
323. Brunellus The Ass 8/29/2014
324. Daun Brunellus 8/29/2014
325. Cockroach 8/31/2014
326. Floppy 9/19/2014
327. The Beginning 12/4/2016
328. Today Was Once Tomorrow And Will Soon Yesterday Be 1/9/2017
329. Cock Of The Walk 4/28/2017
330. Poor Misbegotten Soul 4/28/2017
331. Walking Up The Down Escalator 9/4/2017
332. Can Inanimate Objects Think? 9/29/2017
333. Analog Memory 10/25/2017
334. What Me Worry? 1/3/2018
335. Hemorrhoids 8/3/2018
336. Mirror Of Fools (Speculum Stultorum) 8/29/2012
337. Shoes 5/6/2014
338. Sun Rise/Sun Set 7/23/2012
339. Nantucket 6/10/2012
340. Ode To Robert Edgar Burns 4/8/2012
341. Pity (In Response To A Poem By Dana Gioia, Pity The Beautiful) 4/30/2012
342. Poet Laureates 4/16/2012
343. To Poet Master, C. Richard Miles 5/1/2011
344. Darwin’s Bestiary 11/15/2011
345. Rattlesnake! 10/14/2011
346. Bankruptcy 6/29/2011
347. On 'The Calf' A Extemporaneous Poem By Robert Burns 5/6/2011
348. To New Poets 12/18/2010
349. On Being Gay 4/2/2011
350. Does Satire Lose Its Bite On Printed Pages Over Night? 3/24/2007
351. Thanksgiving - 11/24/2010
352. Sixty Nine’s In Love 9/18/2010
353. The Curious Skunk 11/3/2010
354. Starbucks 5/3/2009
355. The Wood Stork 5/20/2006
356. The Keystone 5/14/2009
357. Ode To Shoppers Everywhere 1/21/2009
358. In Praise Of Snow Peas 2/7/2009
359. Ode To A Realtor 1/14/2009
360. The Sharpshooter 9/29/2008

Comments about Sidi J. Mahtrow

  • Abhay Vignesh L Abhay Vignesh L (3/8/2011 8:08:00 AM)

    Most of your poems are great...Especially reiterative poetry...Keep up the good work...

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  • Stephen Feltham (7/13/2009 5:46:00 PM)


    It was good to read your poem about Thomas Chatterton, despite his amazing talent he is not known by many people. I would be interested to know how he came to your attention and what prompted you to write this poem?


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  • Cynthia Buhain-baello Cynthia Buhain-baello (7/7/2009 8:44:00 PM)

    I enjoyed readng your poems and I admire your skill and mastery of the art of poetry, having your own unique style. You write clearly and make your point without the prolixity of other poets, that so often leaves the reader lost in a literary maze. You have class, depth, profound content in your poetry, and your writing
    is amazingly creative.

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  • Michael Tonkin (3/9/2005 8:23:00 AM)

    I take trouble with all of my poetry, and if you read 'Buzzard' again properly you will see that I have not confused the buzzard with some other bird. The poem is accurate in every respect and I trust you will be a little more careful when you try to be an expert.
    The buzzard does kill prey in the manner described in the poem, and yes I know he is a lazy bird, but he is not that lazy.

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Best Poem of Sidi J. Mahtrow

A Mullet Is Not A Fish? ?

So said the smart talk back in 1916.
For an out-of-work lawyer pickings were lean.
For clients; some local fishermen
Had their day in court, once again.

Tho th' lawyer served without recompense
He needed to prove to the judge their innocence.
Not guilty was the verdict to be won
Of fishing during the closed season.

These six young commercial fishermen
Were known to sell fish through thick and thin.
They had been caught fair and square
And summoned before the judge to appear.

It could not be disputed
That the fishermen had mullet ...

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A Chicken Is Not A Bird

A chkn na be a byrd
Acord'n folk lvn in flori da
Kep'n and own'n be difernt
If be a tigr or sknk kept
An' a' th hair cutn shp r paloor for trm
Word is one's pets is one's own prblm
So be it, tha list of crtures kept, grws lngr by da
Cept'n when are feral, as n dog and ct stray
Thn becms nuher mat'r

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