Rookie (January 10 1939 / Bolder Colorado)


1. Life's Grief 5/18/2007
2. Ask The Children 5/22/2007
3. Friendship 5/22/2007
4. Questions 5/22/2007
5. A Journey 5/22/2007
6. High In The Sky 5/22/2007
7. Twist Of Fate 6/30/2007
8. One Day 6/30/2007
9. Silent Dreams 6/30/2007
10. Dragons, Demons & You 7/1/2007
11. I Have Been To The Light 7/1/2007
12. The Sad Buffoon 7/1/2007
13. Reach For A Star 7/7/2007
14. In Search Of?? 7/7/2007
15. A Prayer Of Mourning 7/22/2007
16. A Guardian Angel 8/1/2007
17. A Birthday Poem 6/24/2007
18. Sing A Song 6/24/2007
19. If I Knew 6/24/2007
20. Little Shadows 6/24/2007
21. The Paradox 6/24/2007
22. Drinking Blues 7/4/2007
23. My Prayer 7/16/2007
24. One Last Question? ? 7/17/2007
25. Some Of My Thoughts To Live By 7/22/2007
26. It Was Best 5/18/2007
27. I'Ii Just Wing It 5/18/2007
28. Caution 5/18/2007
29. Wellcome Home Soldier 5/24/2007
30. A Far Journey 5/24/2007
31. Fix And A Prayer 5/18/2007
32. A Vietnam Veteran With P. T. S. D. 8/4/2007

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A Far Journey

I met a man who journeyed far,
And he talked of the things he had done,
Of the places that he has been,
And how he had so much fun.

The buildings so tall, Oh the mighty walls,
The momuments to honor someone,
Such sights to see...
Such wonders under the sun!

But the things he remembered the most,
Are the people along the way,
The smiles, the warmth, the friendships,
To brighten your day.

Lands near and far, whose people are
So different in so many ways,
Than the life we have known,
And the ways we have all been ...

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A Birthday Poem

Any birthday implies good times shared.
By the people who really cared,
All the tears and hardships they will endure.

Along the road of life, Just to give of self without
showing their troubles and strife.
To make a commitiment to keep on going,
No matter which way the wind is blowing.

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