Silent Soliloquy

Biography of Silent Soliloquy

Found out, quite by accident, that I had a gift for writing in 2004, and have been writing since then. In those years, however, I've not written a lot; I'd like to think, though, that what I've written and posted has been quality. I much prefer quality over quanity.

If you happen by, I hope you will find something to your liking, and that you will enjoy what you've found.

Silent Soliloquy's Works:

'Eyes of the Poet: Love and Passion in Lasting Splendor' Updates


How long this need, restrained beyond
the limits of all tolerance,
consumes my every waking thought.
The fear of what is beyond that
door keeps the 'beast' at bay.

Beyond the boundaries set, of which
once crossed I've no control, are
things best forgotten; pushed back into

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