Silent Soliloquy

Biography of Silent Soliloquy

Found out, quite by accident, that I had a gift for writing in 2004, and have been writing since then. In those years, however, I've not written a lot; I'd like to think, though, that what I've written and posted has been quality. I much prefer quality over quanity.

If you happen by, I hope you will find something to your liking, and that you will enjoy what you've found.

Silent Soliloquy's Works:

'Eyes of the Poet: Love and Passion in Lasting Splendor' Updates

Remembering Sunshine

Her hair was like sunlight,
framing a face that could only
have belonged to an Angel.

Perfectly formed brows hovered
over chocolate brown eyes that
sparkled with the excitement of
youth, and the promise of possibilities.

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