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81. Unfading Scars 2/7/2012
82. Porcelain Doll 1/3/2012
83. A Cry For Help 10/28/2011
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A Cry For Help

collapsed in tears of pain
so lost in heavy confusion
how did things get so messed up
Please help me now is all i can say
God, hear my cries and see my tears
this is not what i wanted
i begged for it to not happen this way
so unsure i am of many things
i am still so young
i just cant handle this
so if you are there
know i am crying out in desperation
Please save me from my pain
but there is just an empty silence all around
Please, i don't want to be lost and so alone
Are you there? Are you even real?
waiting for answers i can only think

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Forgotten Face

do you see the girl standing all alone
how she hides behind that smile
she awkwardly pulls down her sleeve
not wanting anyone to see the cuts or bruises
that small laugh and simple conversation
joking around to keep the talk simple
to avoid whats really on her mind.
escaping the painful memories,
she swallows more pills

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