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Rookie (july 13th....1972 / north america)

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im a north american aboriginal, i was raised on an indian reservation called tobique 1st nation from the malliseet tribe, i have seen many things and have hade many revolations within my soal of what the world around me realy means....i come from a long line of artist and writers but dont know much about the proper way of writing literature....most things i have writin have been at pivital changes in my is how i get threw the hard times in my life....i would be happy to just touch the soal and life of just 1 person with my words....thnk u for ur time.

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For The Love Of God

Love is eternal.
Love is beauty.
Love is beauty found in uglyness.
Love can be found in hate.
Love can create hate.
Love can hate.
Love can create.
Love can destroy.
Love can confuse.

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