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41. Bi- Polar Baggage Handler 5/26/2012
42. Mad Mans Bible 5/13/2012
43. Don'T Go 5/15/2012
44. Dads On The Phone 4/30/2012
45. Angel 4/21/2012
46. Looking For Lovliness 6/3/2012
47. To Love Just Once 7/13/2012
48. Old Friend 5/31/2012
49. A Bit Of Deep Thinking 6/9/2012
50. Closer To True 6/10/2012
51. Ready To Fly Inside 6/28/2012
52. This World 5/15/2012
53. Meditation 5/16/2012
54. Derelict 5/17/2012
55. Before The Rain 5/8/2012
56. Ode To A Planet 7/1/2012
57. Poets 7/7/2012
58. Remembering What You Gave Me 6/20/2012
59. A Pirates Fantasy 6/13/2012
60. Storm 5/14/2012
61. Its All About Me, My Ego, And The Universe 6/8/2012
62. Observing The Loner 6/11/2012

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Observing The Loner

He committed the highest sin
unspeakable in its shame
to burn the genetic bridge
releasing maternal pain
he became a psychics friend
his home at the village edge
outcast a ghost alone
indulgence fed his head
no blame no change no alter
acceptance slaps the face
pleasure is disguised
yet love guides his inner space
I watch him slowly standing
straight from weighted years
a man without a mother
silence in the face of fears
a family is like a hat that
sometimes finds a home
but travelers are their own kind
separate they will roam
our ...

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I noticed a rainbow today
But kept it to myself
It glittered on a fishes skin
As a fractal of the sky

Life and death love to dance
As I gut this creature clean
And so it goes on and again
Life is gone all the same but shimmering

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