Simple Simon

Simple Simon Poems

1. A04 Cain And Abel 8/15/2006
2. A07 The Flood 8/17/2006
3. A13 Abram And Lot Separate 8/21/2006
4. A14 Abram Rescues Lot 8/21/2006
5. A16 Hagar And Ishmael 8/23/2006
6. A17 Circumcision, The Sign Of The Covenant 8/23/2006
7. A18 A Son Is Promised To Abraham 8/24/2006
8. B06 Moses And Aaron Visit Egypt 9/27/2006
9. B07 Moses Complains To The Lord 9/28/2006
10. B08 Disaster Follows 9/29/2006
11. B10 Water And Food 10/1/2006
12. B11 The Ten Commandments 10/2/2006
13. B14 Last Days Of Moses 10/5/2006
14. A21 The Birth Of Isaac 8/27/2006
15. A22 God Commands Abraham To Offer Isaac 8/28/2006
16. C06 The Gibeonites Deceive Joshua 10/11/2006
17. C07 Joshua's Last Days 10/12/2006
18. D01 Rulers After Joshua 10/13/2006
19. D03 The Unsolved Riddle 10/15/2006
20. D05 Samson And Delilah 10/17/2006
21. D06 Last Days Of Samson 10/18/2006
22. E02 The Priest's Sons And Samuel 10/20/2006
23. A26 Isaac Lives At Gerar 9/1/2006
24. C04 Achan's Sinful Action 10/9/2006
25. A31 Jacob Flees From Laban 9/6/2006
26. A34 The Rape Of Dinah 9/9/2006
27. A37 Joseph And The Chief's Wife 9/12/2006
28. A39 Joseph Interprets The King's Dream 9/14/2006
29. A40 Joseph Brothers Go To Egypt To Buy Corn 9/15/2006
30. A43 The Missing Cup 9/18/2006
31. A45 Jacob's Last Days 9/20/2006
32. B02 The Birth Of Moses 9/23/2006
33. B03 Moses Escapes To Midian 9/24/2006
34. B05 God Gives Moses Miraculous Power 9/26/2006
35. E04 Saul Rules Israel 10/22/2006
36. E05 Saul And David 10/23/2006
37. E06 Saul Was Jealous Of David 10/24/2006
38. E07 David Married Abigail 10/25/2006
39. E08 The Last Days Of Saul 10/26/2006
40. E09 David Became King 10/27/2006
Best Poem of Simple Simon

A01 Holy Bible (Genesis) - The Story Of Creation

1. The Chaos

What we see now in the cosmos,
Once upon a time it was in chaos.
At the command of the God then,
A holy order came to settle down.

The earth was then formless.
The ocean left in total darkness,
It covered everything in rage,
In the beginning of that age.

2. The First Day's command

God said, 'Let there be light.'
At once, there came light.
'Let darkness free the light.'
Thus came the day and night.

The evening passed quietly.
The morning came slowly.
The Lord's first day's wish,
Came true with no ...

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A03 Man And Woman

1. The Disobedience of Man

At first, naked were man, woman,
But they didn’t feel ugly then.
Together as husband and wife,
Merrily, they both spent their life.

The snake approached the woman
And posed a cunning question:

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