Simple Simon

Simple Simon Poems

41. E11 King David In His Old Age 10/29/2006
42. F01 Solomon Rules Israel 10/30/2006
43. F02 Solomon Solved Difficult Cases 10/31/2006
44. F03 Solomon Built Temple And Palace 11/1/2006
45. F05 The Queen Of Sheba 11/12/2006
46. F06 The Death Of Solomon 11/13/2006
47. F07 The Justice Of God 11/14/2006
48. J02 Visitors For Baby Jesus 12/31/2006
49. J03 The Escape To Egypt 1/1/2007
50. J04 The Return From Egypt 1/2/2007
51. J15 The Followers Of Jesus 1/13/2007
52. J22 Blind Leading The Blind 1/20/2007
53. J26 Jesus Heals A Boy. 1/24/2007
54. J27 Payment Of Temple Tax 1/25/2007
55. J18 The Kingdom Of Heaven 1/16/2007
56. J19 The Death Of John, The Baptist 1/17/2007
57. J35 The Parables 8 2/2/2007
58. J40 The Death Of Lazarus 2/7/2007
59. J41 The Resurrection 2/8/2007
60. J42 The Plot Against Jesus 2/9/2007
61. J43 Anointment At Bethany 2/10/2007
62. J47 Washing The Feet 2/15/2007
63. J48 The Supper Of The Lord 2/15/2007
64. J49 Jesus Prays 2/16/2007
65. The End Of The Flood 8/18/2006
66. A09 God's Covenant With Noah 8/19/2006
67. A12 God's Call To Abram 8/20/2006
68. J25 The Transfiguration 1/23/2007
69. J29 The Parables 2 1/27/2007
70. J30 The Parables 3 1/28/2007
71. J32 The Parables 5 1/30/2007
72. J34 The Parables 7 2/1/2007
73. J36 The Parables 9 2/3/2007
74. J37 The Parable 10 2/4/2007
75. J52 Jesus Is Sentenced To Death 2/19/2007
76. J53 Jesus Is Crucified 2/20/2007
77. J45 Jesus Speaks About His Death 2/12/2007
78. J38 The Woman Caught In Adultery 2/5/2007
79. J39 Jesus Was Rejected 2/6/2007
80. J33 The Parables 6 1/31/2007

Comments about Simple Simon

  • Sarda Mohan (4/22/2007 11:42:00 PM)

    Glad to get this opportunity to read the work of someone who has mastered the art of writing beautifully. His rich experience over the years is reflected in his work and he has a magical way of saying things that even a small child will find easy to understand.
    I read a few pages to my little Vikram everyday who simply loves to hear and waits for the next day to hear more.

    Beautiful language, expressions and marvellous coining of rhyming phrases

    Hoping to read more and more.

    Respectful regards,
    Sarda Mohan

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  • Dr John Celes (8/28/2006 11:06:00 AM)

    The Poet Simple Simon makes the biblical stories appear simply interesting, live and yet in simple poesy!
    Hope the world's children and adults too enjoy this simplistic depiction of the Word of God and profit spiritually!

Best Poem of Simple Simon

A01 Holy Bible (Genesis) - The Story Of Creation

1. The Chaos

What we see now in the cosmos,
Once upon a time it was in chaos.
At the command of the God then,
A holy order came to settle down.

The earth was then formless.
The ocean left in total darkness,
It covered everything in rage,
In the beginning of that age.

2. The First Day's command

God said, 'Let there be light.'
At once, there came light.
'Let darkness free the light.'
Thus came the day and night.

The evening passed quietly.
The morning came slowly.
The Lord's first day's wish,
Came true with no ...

Read the full of A01 Holy Bible (Genesis) - The Story Of Creation

A04 Cain And Abel

1. Mankind's First Murder!

Adam and Eve begot a son,
Whose name was Cain.
Later, their second son,
Abel was born.

Immense pleasure it gave them.
They thanked God for the same;

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