Simple Simon

Simple Simon Poems

81. C03 The Fall Of Jericho 10/8/2006
82. A33 Jacob Meets Esau 9/8/2006
83. E03 The Lord's Covenant Box 10/21/2006
84. C02 Crossing Of River Jordan 10/7/2006
85. J44 Triumphant Entry Into Jerusalem 2/11/2007
86. A15 God's Covenant With Abram 8/22/2006
87. A41 Joseph's Brothers Return To Canaan 9/16/2006
88. A42 Joseph's Brothers Return To Egypt 9/17/2006
89. A44 Jacob And His Family Go To Egypt 9/19/2006
90. C05 Attack On Ai 10/10/2006
91. A38 Joseph Interprets The Prisoners' Dreams 9/13/2006
92. A35 God Blesses Jacob At Bethel 9/10/2006
93. E10 David's Daughter Tamar 10/28/2006
94. J05 The Temptation Test 1/3/2007
95. A06 The Mankind 8/16/2006
96. A19 The Sinfulness Of Sodom 8/25/2006
97. A25 Other Descendants Of Abraham 8/31/2006
98. C01 God Commands Joshua To Conquer Canaan 10/6/2006
99. J46 Judgment By Jesus Words 2/13/2007
100. J21 The Teaching Of The Ancestors 1/19/2007
101. A28 Isaac Sends Jacob To Laban 9/3/2006
102. B01 The Israelites Are Treated Cruelly In Egypt 9/22/2006
103. J01 The Birth Of Jesus Christ 12/31/2006
104. J17 Jesus, As A Preacher 1/15/2007
105. J07 A Prophet In His Own Soil? 1/5/2007
106. J08 Jesus Teaches, Preaches And Heals 1/6/2007
107. J55 Jesus Appears To His Disciples 2/22/2007
108. J10 The Teachings Of Jesus (I) 1/8/2007
109. D02 The Life Of Samson 10/13/2006
110. B04 God Calls Moses 9/25/2006
111. A20 Abraham And Abimelech 8/26/2006
112. J20 Jesus Walks On Water 1/18/2007
113. J14 Jesus, The Healer 1/12/2007
114. J11 The Teachings Of Jesus (2) 1/9/2007
115. A02 The Garden Of Eden 8/13/2006
116. A03 Man And Woman 8/14/2006
117. J06 The Early Days Of Jesus 1/4/2007
118. A36 Joseph And His Brothers 9/11/2006
119. A29 Jacob Arrives At Laban's Home 9/4/2006
120. A30 Sisters Leah And Rachel 9/5/2006

Comments about Simple Simon

  • Sarda Mohan (4/22/2007 11:42:00 PM)

    Glad to get this opportunity to read the work of someone who has mastered the art of writing beautifully. His rich experience over the years is reflected in his work and he has a magical way of saying things that even a small child will find easy to understand.
    I read a few pages to my little Vikram everyday who simply loves to hear and waits for the next day to hear more.

    Beautiful language, expressions and marvellous coining of rhyming phrases

    Hoping to read more and more.

    Respectful regards,
    Sarda Mohan

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  • Dr John Celes (8/28/2006 11:06:00 AM)

    The Poet Simple Simon makes the biblical stories appear simply interesting, live and yet in simple poesy!
    Hope the world's children and adults too enjoy this simplistic depiction of the Word of God and profit spiritually!

Best Poem of Simple Simon

A01 Holy Bible (Genesis) - The Story Of Creation

1. The Chaos

What we see now in the cosmos,
Once upon a time it was in chaos.
At the command of the God then,
A holy order came to settle down.

The earth was then formless.
The ocean left in total darkness,
It covered everything in rage,
In the beginning of that age.

2. The First Day's command

God said, 'Let there be light.'
At once, there came light.
'Let darkness free the light.'
Thus came the day and night.

The evening passed quietly.
The morning came slowly.
The Lord's first day's wish,
Came true with no ...

Read the full of A01 Holy Bible (Genesis) - The Story Of Creation

A06 The Mankind

1. The wickedness of Mankind

In numbers, girls increased,
Among mankind that spread.
Some looked so beautiful
That men with valour fell.

They took their choicest girls;
Yet, they lived as mortals

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