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A01 Holy Bible (Genesis) - The Story Of Creation

1. The Chaos

What we see now in the cosmos,
Once upon a time it was in chaos.
At the command of the God then,
A holy order came to settle down.

The earth was then formless.
The ocean left in total darkness,
It covered everything in rage,
In the beginning of that age.

2. The First Day's command

God said, 'Let there be light.'
At once, there came light.
'Let darkness free the light.'
Thus came the day and night.

The evening passed quietly.
The morning came slowly.
The Lord's first day's wish,
Came true with no ...

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A07 The Flood

To Noah said the Lord,
'Let your family be led
Into the boat. I find
You’ve only a clean mind.'

'What's right, you always do.
So, for the world, I need you.
Along with your family,
Take birds and animals safely.'

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