Sina Farajzadeh

Freshman - 593 Points (1990 - Wish it'll be soon / Urmia)

Biography of Sina Farajzadeh

It was early in the morning of the first day of October in the year 1990 when a child was born. It was in the Urmia city in North West of Iran in West Azarbayjan city that an existence which was not optional for the baby became a force to live. Poor kid, he had no choice over his being, nor on his place of birth, and still nor over the date of it. Now the baby had to grow up and come to understand drab bitterness and moments of sweet pleasures. It was a pity that the joys were just moments long and the pains were lifelong. The child was among those people who he couldn't mentally connect. For him humans were not the same as he imagined. They were harsh, senseless and wild. Still exceptions were always there. But generally the child couldn't bear such people. By passing of time the child grew and became a teenage, and still had the same feelings. His mind was always struggling to understand his being and about divinity? Does God exist? If so, why there are many bad things in this life? Why He doesn't care a fig? But the more the poor teen thought the more he came to know that it doesn't matter anymore. So, again he grew up and became a young. Today that child is about 25 years old and he takes refuge in poetry and literature. After reading some literary works he understood that he had some talents and could express his mind and heart in poetic lines and therefore he could calm his mind down and release his emotions out. Going to university and getting B.A. of English literature was his first big step in the world of literature. I hope it did worth reading this short autobiography for you. Sina Updates

The Old Man

The old man laid lonely on a sofa of his own age
Suddenly the door was opened and someone came in with a rage
The old said you're older I guess and your'e late
It's great and I knew you'll appear a day, and I couldn't wait
The man was so happy of the entrance and cried of joy
The death angel got his life and walked away with coy

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