Sina Farajzadeh

Freshman - 600 Points (1990 - / Urmia)

Sina Farajzadeh Poems

1. The Old Man 7/23/2012
2. Begging Love 7/24/2012
3. Im Feeling Sad 7/24/2012
4. Honesty Flies 7/24/2012
5. Story Of A Cow 7/24/2012
6. I Said Hello 7/24/2012
7. Last Night 7/27/2012
8. Hey Master 7/27/2012
9. Lonely And Silent 7/27/2012
10. Death With Pain 7/27/2012
11. Prison 7/27/2012
12. Weeping Sheep 7/27/2012
13. Spring 7/30/2012
14. Suddenly I Felt I'Ve Got Nothing 7/30/2012
15. Shine, Shine 8/2/2012
16. The Dew 8/2/2012
17. The Earthquake 8/11/2012
18. When A Master Dies 8/23/2012
19. Reaction 8/23/2012
20. One-Way Love 8/23/2012
21. Know 8/23/2012
22. Waiting 8/23/2012
23. Suicide 8/23/2012
24. Master's Epitaph 9/5/2012
25. The Moon 9/14/2012
26. A Man Walks 9/14/2012
27. Dears Die 9/17/2012
28. Songs 10/12/2012
29. After Me 10/29/2012
30. The Witch And The Man 11/4/2012
31. Our Beliefs 11/14/2012
32. Useless 2/20/2013
33. I Am... 8/2/2013
34. Words And Letters 8/8/2013
35. To Miss Taylor Swift 12/8/2015
36. Truth 12/17/2013
37. The Wise Leopard 7/23/2012
38. How Difficult, How Awful 7/27/2012
39. Forgive 9/9/2012
40. Oh I'M Sick 9/15/2012

Comments about Sina Farajzadeh

  • Lyn Paul Lyn Paul (8/8/2012 8:53:00 AM)

    How difficult Really it is about how strong you are as a person. All of these hurdles are there for a reason. I always steer clear of negative people. Very interesting reading. Thank You

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  • Sandra Feldman (8/8/2012 1:23:00 AM)

    Read your poem Story of a cow.Very sad. Je etait tres touche par la douleur, a cause de la mort des betes, the cows.Noticed you used the word abattoir, that is why I wrote you a sentence in French
    Makes us think, they are living things and have feelings too
    . I am glad I no longer eat red meat.
    You have nice feelings, well expressed, original. Felicitation

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Best Poem of Sina Farajzadeh

Modern Life

A beautiful bird flies and nobody cares,
A cute cat walks and nobody cares,
An earlybird rooster crows and no one hears,
A poor child cries and no one hears,
A picturesque scenery is being destructed and no one sees,
Millions of innocent people die everyday and no one sees,
The rivers full with dirts flow coldly and no one touches,
The mountains with warm rocks are around with grasses and no one touches,
The beautiful roses are a little, artificial perfumes a lot, and nobody smells,
The beauties aren't felt, we have sweet smells but nobody smells,
The ...

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The Old Man

The old man laid lonely on a sofa of his own age
Suddenly the door was opened and someone came in with a rage
The old said you're older I guess and your'e late
It's great and I knew you'll appear a day, and I couldn't wait
The man was so happy of the entrance and cried of joy
The death angel got his life and walked away with coy

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