Sinclair Azubuike

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Biography of Sinclair Azubuike

An 80’s baby born in South East London, a British poet of African Caribbean heritage Sinclair Azubuike wrote his first ever poem in late 2004. As a quiet teenager on the brink of adulthood, he would use poetry as an outlet to constructively express his thoughts and emotions.

The author of 4 poetry books ‘Paint a Perfect Picture, ’ ‘When Doves Cry, ’ '20 12: A Poetical Journey of the Soul' & Final Destiny: Ascending to Greater Heights (all published TamaRe House) . Sinclair an avid poetry and book reader who has wrote over 300 poems invested in having his work self published to not only realise a dream of having some of his poems in print in the form of a book, but to also set about creating a legacy that not only he could be proud of but any children that he may one day have could of as well.

He created the website 5 years after he became a poet, in the early part of 2009. It was and still is intended to serve as a platform to not only share his poetical work with a potentially global audience, but to also help promote the art of poetry alongside other creative and social endeavors.

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Sinclair Azubuike's Works:

Paint A Perfect Picture by Sinclair Azubuike Farrell (ISBN: 978-1-906169-22-0) , When Doves Cry by Sinclair Azubuike Farrell (ISBN: 9781906169-27-5) & 20 12: A Poetical Journey of the Soul by Sinclair Azubuike Farrell (ISBN: 978-1-908552-05-1) Updates

I'M Sorry Black Woman

Black woman
You cook and clean
Yet your place isn't simply
In the kitchen

Between us
They've created a large wall of tension
Which, needs t be knocked down
Like the wall in Berlin

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