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Simply known as: THE GIFT a.k.a. T.G.

She is one who sees, feels and conveys the innermost depths of existence. She is the creator of her own writing style O.A.C.™, which is " Open-ended Artistic Creativity" ™. O.A.C.™ is the style that is: Not restrained by definite limits, restrictions, or structure. A style that's all about " The Message" ™. She is an Innovator. She has written over 30 books. She writes in different genres and her books in print are: " Laugh A Little" , " Forte' of... The Artesian Well and Sean's Dream" , on Amazon. The book, " I'M A STAR" ! can be purchased directly from THE GIFT. She has (3) more children's books in pre-production titled, " Tie A Ribbon, Traveling On A Train and Ginger The Lizard" .

She knows that it is a blessing to touch lives, that within itself is one of the most precious gifts. She knows that being a blessing is what her living is all about. She feels that it is a joy just knowing that someone made it pass the storm overtaking their lives because you were a part of the Victory, not any mortal defeat. She strives toward the " Greatness" within her. She is truly grateful that God has placed within her His knowledge and wisdom. She can never be in darkness because of His " Gift" . You can see her clearly from the " Inside' and " Me" . Blessings to you all... T.G.

" Life with all of its ups and downs has " Love" somewhere to be found. " Trials and Tests" or come what may; there will always be a " Brighter Day, you MUST believe this." T.G.
How much time do we really have to waste? Is the next second your last luxury? God's Gift of Eternal Life is such a gracious notion, please give Him your love and eternal devotion...
May God Bless you all.... T.G.

All poems are the property of Singleton M. Tate and are: © Copyright 2012 - 2020 THE GIFT a.k.a. Singleton M. Tate All Rights Reserved.

Singleton M. Tate's Works:


'Laugh A Little'

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'Forte' of... The Artesian Well'

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'Sean's Dream'

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'I'm A Star! '

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To Hate Or Be Great

To Hate or Be Great-
Which one is your fate?
You're mad and I'm glad,
My life won't be sad.

Raging with jealousy-
Blind, yet won't see.
The time you wasted,
Victory never tasted.

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