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Simply known as: THE GIFT a.k.a. T.G.

She is one who sees, feels and conveys the innermost depths of existence. She is the creator of her own writing style O.A.C.™, which is " Open-ended Artistic Creativity" ™. O.A.C.™ is the style that is: Not restrained by definite limits, restrictions, or structure. A style that's all about " The Message" ™. She is an Innovator. She has written over 30 books. She writes in different genres and her books in print are: " Laugh A Little" , " Forte' of... The Artesian Well and Sean's Dream" , on Amazon. The book, " I'M A STAR" ! can be purchased directly from THE GIFT. She has (3) more children's books in pre-production titled, " Tie A Ribbon, Traveling On A Train and Ginger The Lizard" .

She knows that it is a blessing to touch lives, that within itself is one of the most precious gifts. She knows that being a blessing is what her living is all about. She feels that it is a joy just knowing that someone made it pass the storm overtaking their lives because you were a part of the Victory, not any mortal defeat. She strives toward the " Greatness" within her. She is truly grateful that God has placed within her His knowledge and wisdom. She can never be in darkness because of His " Gift" . You can see her clearly from the " Inside' and " Me" . Blessings to you all... T.G.

" Life with all of its ups and downs has " Love" somewhere to be found. " Trials and Tests" or come what may; there will always be a " Brighter Day, you MUST believe this." T.G.
How much time do we really have to waste? Is the next second your last luxury? God's Gift of Eternal Life is such a gracious notion, please give Him your love and eternal devotion...
May God Bless you all.... T.G.

All poems are the property of Singleton M. Tate and are: © Copyright 2012 - 2020 THE GIFT a.k.a. Singleton M. Tate All Rights Reserved.

Singleton M. Tate's Works:


'Laugh A Little'

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'Forte' of... The Artesian Well'

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'Sean's Dream'

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'I'm A Star! '

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It's all to his misfortune,
The swine's reluctant to say,
The furnace is getting hotter,
It just might stay this way.

Before the arctic blast,
Limits movement in the town,
Every person will look stiff,
As Spring may never come around.

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