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131. Sex Me Not... 8/3/2012
Best Poem of Singleton M. Tate

Sex Me Not...

Sex me not, ... with sex don't play,
Within a house that's prone to stray.
At first, it might seem pure and strong,
Who really knows what turns him wrong?

Or was it her from the very start?
The sex she gave was not from heart.
Let's bind forever our souls will tie,
With endless tears and no goodbyes.

Sex me not... we've built a maze,
That leaves us both within a haze.
Emotions run deep, when we both know,
That sex is cheap, Love runs the show!

Inspired by: Mr. J.C.H.

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TODAY, they prevail, they are all around,
in your backyard and in your hometown.
The senseless loss of talent and life,
our Young Generation is losing the fight.

What has stolen their Innocence,
and left them so blind?
Thinking that the Gangs love them,
Wake Up and Take Back your own minds.

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