Sir Arthur Quiller-Couch

(21 November 1863 – 12 May 1944 / England)

Sir Arthur Quiller-Couch Poems

41. As I Laye A-Dreamynge 4/21/2010
42. Hesperus 4/21/2010
43. Of Three Children 4/21/2010
44. Anecdote For Fathers 4/21/2010
45. A Triolet 4/21/2010
46. Measure For Measure 4/21/2010
47. Kenmare River 4/21/2010
48. Mary Leslie 4/21/2010

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Mary Leslie

O Mary Leslie, blithe and shrill
The bugles blew for Spain:
And you below the Castle Hill
Stood in the crowd your lane.
Then hearts were wild to watch us pass,
Yet laith to let us go!
While mine said, 'Fare-ye-well, my lass!'
And yours, 'God keep my Jo!'

Here by the bivouac fire, above
These fields of savage play,
I'll lift my love to meet thy love
Twa thousand miles away,

Where yonder, yonder by the stars,
Nightlong there rins a burn,
And maids with lovers at the wars
May list their wraiths' return.

More careless yet my spirit ...

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A Letter

After W. M. P.
Dear Kitty,
At length the term's ending;
I 'm in for my Schools in a week;
And the time that at present I'm spending
On you should be spent upon Greek:
But I'm fairly well read in my Plato,
I'm thoroughly red in the eyes,
And I've almost forgotten the way to

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