Sir Lyon Downes

Best Poem of Sir Lyon Downes

9 #4 Stormtrooper Shadow Outline

Gripped by his paper
Stormtrooper shadow outline
An unknown soldier
Trying another drawing
Giving up going too weird

Likeness of a werewolf
Ironman not yet filled in
A suit of armor
Sharpened, ready for battle
Shining it's come get me glare

Prototype study
More of a vague rendering
Portentous being
Poised and ready for springing
Pawn on a wizard-chess set

Leans deftly forward
Waiting atop cathedrals
For the right moment
Ancient Gargoyle Sentry
Accidental moves at bay

Insurgents flood in
No real room left to ...

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9 #9 Do Dare Explain?

It's been a long day
Fitting a week in one day
Enough to fade you
Knees buckling over themselves
Earning a few more gray hairs

The shadow's no lie
Just watching something like that
Enough to spook you

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