Sirpheno The Knight

Sirpheno The Knight Poems

1. Pacesetting 8/10/2006
2. On Being Free 8/10/2006
3. Use Just Twenty Lines 8/10/2006
4. Just Another Day 8/10/2006
5. The Empty Page 8/10/2006
6. A Little Ray Of Sunlight 8/10/2006
7. A Rednecks-Kings English 8/10/2006
8. New Borns 8/11/2006
9. My Little Friend 8/11/2006
10. The Birthday Boy At Christmas Time 8/11/2006
11. Please Tell Me 8/11/2006
12. Do-It 8/10/2006
13. Non-Stop-Words 8/10/2006
14. A Short Ode To A Very Long Poem 8/10/2006
15. The New Corporate Plan 8/10/2006
16. True Poetry 8/10/2006
17. The Woman I Have Never Known 8/10/2006
18. Easter Sunday 8/10/2006
19. Departed Too Soon 8/10/2006
20. Let The War Begin 8/10/2006
21. Women Searching The Web For Their Mr. Right. 8/10/2006
22. Dreams Demand Good Choices 8/10/2006
23. A Cup Of Coffee (Please) 8/11/2006
24. Virgin Wife 8/11/2006
25. Take From My Poetry 8/11/2006
26. Tomorrow I Must Go 8/11/2006
27. Sunday Morning Quietness 5/18/2008
28. The Day I Became A Man 8/10/2006
29. A Not-So-Perfickt Fairy-Tale 8/10/2006
30. The Chopper 8/10/2006
31. The Good Life & The Bad 8/10/2006
32. Poetry Can Be A Lot Of Fun 8/10/2006
33. The Returning 8/10/2006
34. The First Adult Choice We Ever Make 8/11/2006
35. Today I Cried 8/11/2006
36. The Dying 8/11/2006
37. Dumb-Dead-Frog 8/10/2006
38. Venice, Florida At Christmas Time 8/10/2006
39. Good Day To You Sir 8/11/2006
40. Beautiful Blue Planet 8/11/2006

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Best Poem of Sirpheno The Knight

Retirement Life

Retirement Life is really Great!
Just like I thought it would be.
Anyone who gets the chance to,
I really think you should be.

Go have some fun, have some more.
stop! worrying about what could be.
To live the life You want for You,
That's the way, it should be.

Get away, Go see the world,
Do all the things you wouldn't,
When you had a Boss and a Job,
Telling you you couldn't.

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The Returning

To All Knights where ever they might be.

Behold! ... I stand before thee a Knight.
Returning from the coldness and brutality of war.
Yah, many have I slain, and even more lie wounded on my path.
Yet I yearn, for the sweetness of soft words upon these ears
that have heard nothing but the sounds of war these long years.
I hunger, for the touch of happiness,
with its promises of sunsets and cool breezes.

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