Siti Nursyafiqa Syaqireen

Biography of Siti Nursyafiqa Syaqireen

My Life's Principle:

Live life right cause there are no reruns.

Help yourself to success and riches but don't ever leave the poor falling aback.

Enjoy life cause you're lucky to be alive!

My Personality:

I'm normal and extraordinary. I'm fun and boring. I'm nice and mean. I'm lazy and hardworking. I'm intelligent and a goof. I'm friendly and a snob. I'm selfish and caring. I'm loving and hateful. I'm everything a person can be. Just like you, just like everyone else..

FYI, this is the best way I can think of to tell you guys I Don't Have Much of A Personality.

I'm so Not the kind of girl you can have a long empty conversation with. I think it's probably because I get Bored way too easily.

Oh, And one more vital Detail (After being told so constantly) ....I'm Not Funny! ! At All! When I try to be, People look at me like I'm crazy. (No Joke)

About ME:

I'm a degree student in USM. My major is Accountancy. I'm also studying Arabic and Professional English as an elective. So far, I'm only writing during my free time and as a hobby but I have high hopes in becoming a famous/successful novelist/poet.

I'm Not good (or some would say Terrible) at writing Novels....Probably because I Have A Short Attention Span.

But I'll Do MY Best.

I'm In to:

~ Creative Writing

~ Poetry

~ Day Dreaming

~ The Pretty Reckless

~ One Direction

~ Inspirational Reading Materials

~ Harry Potter

~ And My all time favourite thing to do: A Good Night Beauty Rest!

My Favourite Quote of All Time:

' I'm selfish, impatient, and a little insecure. I make mistakes. I am out of control, and at times hard to handle. But if u cant handle me at my worst....then sure as hell don't deserve me at my best. '
- Marilyn Monroe - Updates


Life, let it drift into the midsummer seas.
A meaningless, endless torture of the thy soul, blessed be.
Diverged in paths no man wished to foresee.
A sorrowful life awaits thee.

Life, beautiful yet painful, truthfully written.
By the one who bares all creation.
A purpose, is it not what thou seek?
But without a creator thou shall not reap.

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