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Heyy Guyss it's me Silver, I'm American But I'm from the World!

I've been @ writer's block 4 a while, So I wrote a poem 4 me, Or maybe 4 the world: P!

Dead silence
Dull empty
Black & white
Writer's Block

And here's another 1: D

Scraping remains
Dead in the mind
Living I see, the fact
I feel Nothing.

Tell me something are you a poet? Writer? Artist?
I love Writing, Drawing and making up Quotes!

Quote 1: ...Salaam is peace, and peace is nature, while nature is life.

Quote 2: ....Crying in my heart, beating to the peaceful tears, falling from the sky.....

Quote 3: ...Sleep is another way, to slip into tomorrow.

Quote 4: People ask how will I die? You will die the way you lived...

Quote 5: Note that all this is done by me, I'm sure you can tell, Because I'm not good @ quotes or Poetry, But Heyy I have a n art gallery! Wanna see I'd like if you become my member and add some comments, Note that I need help to get Decent Traffic: D!
Here is my Gallery: http: //
Here is my Poetry Collection: http: //

Okay *Waves Bye* Thanks 4 passing Bye :) Smiles: D! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

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