Rookie - 321 Points [PRISONER OF LOVE] (1993/03/10 / Newcastle, Madaden Hospital)


1. No Goodbye 12/15/2016
2. My Beautiful Rose 12/15/2016
3. I Go Blind For Love 12/15/2016
4. Goodbye My Lover 1/5/2017
5. The Power Of Love 2/14/2017
6. Revaged Heart 3/22/2017
7. When You Miss Me 3/22/2017
8. Thank You Mom 3/22/2017
9. Pack And Go 3/22/2017
10. The Feeling Of Being Alone 3/22/2017
11. A Long Short Life 3/22/2017
12. Xola Nhliziyo Yami 3/22/2017
13. My Life Is Vanishing 3/22/2017
14. I'm Sorry Baby 3/22/2017
15. Tomorrow Is Today 3/22/2017
16. A Silent Devil 3/22/2017
17. I May Be Positive 3/22/2017
18. Konakel' Emsamu 3/22/2017
19. Please Don't Cry For Me 7/7/2017
20. I'M A Star 4/15/2013
21. If Love Was 4/12/2013


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If Love Was

If love was song, i would sing it for you
If it was liqour, i would be an alcoholic for you
If it was a game, i would play it for you
If it was a jail, i would be a prisoner for you
If love was sweet as Amarula, warm as KVW Exotic
As Spin, Cold as Hansa, special as champaigne, hot as Brandy i would be an alcoholic for you
If it was a madness, i would be a lunacy for you
But because love is love, i would say 'I love you'
from 'Siyethemba Thwala'

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I Go Blind For Love

as times go by
you made my tears go dry
you burned my heart for braai
you lied to me as a standby
while you busy lying around

why do you feel happy when i'm blind
why didn't you fool me and hide
i thought you were my one and only lady

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