Rookie - 321 Points [PRISONER OF LOVE] (1993/03/10 / Newcastle, Madaden Hospital)


1. No Goodbye 12/15/2016
2. My Beautiful Rose 12/15/2016
3. I Go Blind For Love 12/15/2016
4. Goodbye My Lover 1/5/2017
5. The Power Of Love 2/14/2017
6. Revaged Heart 3/22/2017
7. When You Miss Me 3/22/2017
8. Thank You Mom 3/22/2017
9. Pack And Go 3/22/2017
10. The Feeling Of Being Alone 3/22/2017
11. A Long Short Life 3/22/2017
12. Xola Nhliziyo Yami 3/22/2017
13. My Life Is Vanishing 3/22/2017
14. I'm Sorry Baby 3/22/2017
15. Tomorrow Is Today 3/22/2017
16. A Silent Devil 3/22/2017
17. I May Be Positive 3/22/2017
18. Konakel' Emsamu 3/22/2017
19. Please Don't Cry For Me 7/7/2017
20. I'M A Star 4/15/2013
21. If Love Was 4/12/2013


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If Love Was

If love was song, i would sing it for you
If it was liqour, i would be an alcoholic for you
If it was a game, i would play it for you
If it was a jail, i would be a prisoner for you
If love was sweet as Amarula, warm as KVW Exotic
As Spin, Cold as Hansa, special as champaigne, hot as Brandy i would be an alcoholic for you
If it was a madness, i would be a lunacy for you
But because love is love, i would say 'I love you'
from 'Siyethemba Thwala'

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No Goodbye

Sometimes being notorious
It is not too good
I know when you don't have money
People don't take you serious
You have to hustle to get food
But it is up to you which life you choose
That will be an obligation in your life future

Dawg you have tried all

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