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Biography of SJ. Sharkey

SJ. Sharkey is currently an unpublished author.

I enjoy writing across several mediums but have a keen focus on creating fiction. At present, my attention is on what I hope will be my first fiction novel, entitled 'Bird Has No Song'. I have also initiated a project that involves collaborating with many artists, such as actors, musicians and illustrators, to produce a book & audiobook for children with disabilities.

I love writing. The difficulty is that there is a small platform for this, and too many people crowd the stage, so I made my own platform here instead. Read my writing and other social commentary, and enjoy!

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The dark grey sky covers the roof tops like an overcast blanket
No more starlit night, no more light
Rain falls and turns dirt tracks to mud
Life-forces sink slowly into the dense black earth
Any memory of freshly cut peat is lost in a city of disgust
Where the smell of daily living garrottes Sky’s air
The blue and black stones of the winding way match the lofty grey buildings
Children sit head bowed, back hunched in an abyss of misfortune

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