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Biography of SJ. Sharkey

SJ. Sharkey is currently an unpublished author.

I enjoy writing across several mediums but have a keen focus on creating fiction. At present, my attention is on what I hope will be my first fiction novel, entitled 'Bird Has No Song'. I have also initiated a project that involves collaborating with many artists, such as actors, musicians and illustrators, to produce a book & audiobook for children with disabilities.

I love writing. The difficulty is that there is a small platform for this, and too many people crowd the stage, so I made my own platform here instead. Read my writing and other social commentary, and enjoy!

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As I struggle through the rubble
I hear their cries of pain
I see flashes of our time together
And wish for some again
I feel the ground move under me
I don’t know where to turn
I see my little girl through steam
Her arm smoulders from a burn
I run to her with my arms held wide

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