Sk. Nurul Huda

Gold Star - 14,831 Points [S.Nurul] (Debipur, Memari, Burdwan, West Bengal, India)

Sk. Nurul Huda Quotes

  • '''Everyone writes poem early or late
    And everyone is written in a poem or poems.'''
    From my poem A Very Common Discover
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  • ''History after all is the true poetry......G.M.Trevelyan''
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  • ''gather deep diversity(in life) as you are alive.''
    from my poem-Lamentation.
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  • ''Love juniors for they have committed sins less than you/
    Respect the seniors for they have made virtuous or pious deeds more than you.''
    my father..after hearing from one in a religious ceremony.
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  • ''Poetry can be defined in arithmatic...Sk.Nurul Huda''
    Sk Nurul Huda
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  • ''Any poet or any creatieve writer is at least possesses a earnest or sincere heart to his or her work to execute or express.''
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Best Poem of Sk. Nurul Huda

Love Tree

I did not write you down in poetry
Least my readers discover you badly-
Pleading my poetic weakness;
I did not paint your face on canvas
Least my viewers devalue you-
Pleading my trembling retouch of the brush.

I wanted to make a narrow castle
Like a cocoon of a moth
And then a free fly to the Heaven.

So l plant you at the deepest Earth of my heart,
Where my lungs provide air and my blood,
As a postman, carries temperature and water.
My young-ling love sprouts to a big shade- tree
Like an umbrella over my head.

Your boughs are ...

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The Garden And A Labour

I was walking in a well arranged soothing garden,
Suddenly met a carelessly dressed low paid labour,
“What are you doing” I asked.” Look me I am working, ” replied he.
“This is not a work of a labour normally do, ” again I disturb him.
Move this heap of soil to here, I asked. “Why? ”
He asked and did not offer the answer out of his wallet.
You may plant this compatible, sapling of gardenia beside the rose,
It would be beautiful... I suggested. “Hold your didactic tongue”,
He voi

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