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Skittles XOXO Poems

1. The Old Rocking Chair 9/17/2007
2. He'Ll Hurt Me No More! 3/12/2009
3. Ode To My Sweet Husband! 3/12/2009
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6. Broken 1/13/2010
7. My Forbidden Place 1/13/2010
8. Death Of Emotion 1/13/2010
9. Hurting 1/13/2010
10. Does Heaven Have Doors? 8/21/2007
11. A Cereal Killer 8/21/2007
12. Love Is 8/22/2007
13. Silent Scream 9/4/2007
14. The Melting Clock (Lyrics) 9/4/2007
15. Empty 4/5/2010
16. Darkness 11/16/2010
17. My Mother My Angel 8/15/2007
18. The Life Of A Cat 9/14/2007
19. Visit My Dream 9/14/2007
20. Grandchildren 3 8/15/2007
21. The Boy I Once Knew 8/16/2007
22. Guiltless Desire 1/14/2010
23. Outstretched Arms 9/13/2007
24. The Unacceptable Miracle 8/17/2007

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The Unacceptable Miracle

We start for the hospital, it’s very near,
My head it aches with so much fear.
Mother she’s driving, she looks my way,
God help me through this I pray.
They set me up on machines and IV,
I just want to run and finally be free.
Four hours go by, the pain’s getting worse,
Can’t help but feel is this a blessing or curse.
I’m screaming now, my head starts to whirl,
I hear my mom say, “is it a boy or a girl”.
Mom she smiles, the nurses just glare,
You see in those days what they witnessed was rare,
Finally I see her, a lot of black hair,
We’re going to...

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The Boy I Once Knew

Where oh where could my little boy be?
It can’t be this man in front of me.
What happened to the games we use to play?
When I had to leave, and he’d ask me to stay.
This man seem’s to go by the same name,
But the way it was, it just isn’t the same.
When I’d talk to him he would listen with ease,
Now all I hear is “ be quiet please”.
This man I see seem’s to have the same eye’s,

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