SkyeZia Barletta

Rookie [Zoe Samantha Bell] (23 of August 1997 / Cape Town South Africa)

Biography of SkyeZia Barletta

The reason I see myself as different is because I don't let myself get mad over something that won't matter 2 minutes from that moment I’m not the type to argue over you and I don’t ask for your attention if my presence does not please you then you don't belong in my space...I know what I want and I know how to get it but I do it on my own without disrupting anyone else's life in the process.. I'm not normal at times... Pretty weird if you'd ask anyone.. I can be bitchy but I'm a girl.. More of a loner but hey, that’s the truth in me.. I don't care what society tells me to do or wear or how to act because that isn't the true meaning of 'being different' that's copying everyone and thinking you're individual.. Truth of the matter is you're just a different shade of blended in... I guess you can say I’m complicated and that's alright because I'd rather be a 5000 piece jigsaw puzzle... I can be hard to figure out at times but if you know me I'm the simplest of beings... That's Just Zo :) Updates

A Million Questions

There are those secretive nights
When I think of you in brighter light...
I could've been your only one
If thy kingdom had not come.
I could've changed many ways
If minutes hadn't turned into days
I sit and think, covered In sun rays (covered in sun rays...)

A million questions, a million questions

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