Skylar Beet

Rookie (October 28 1995 / Myanmar)

Biography of Skylar Beet

My name is Skylar, i am 16 at the moment
i go to mililani High school in hawaii
my first poem was a rap, shared it with my youth group and they loved it, so that inspired me to write more.
i have lived in 6 different countries but traveled to more then 20 countries, dad is NOT military, hes in hotel business so we move a lot. Therefore i have international friends living all over.I DESIRE Animals and Helping people.i am considered Wise and conceive a lot of knowledge by adult and teen friends. My dad says im practical. I love debates.i like real truth, so i stand up and question when something doesn't seem right.I am a JESUS Follower, notice i don't call myself christian why? because there ARE A LOT of fake Christians and i BELIEVE 'christian' is JUST a TITLE.
ACTIONS speak LOUDER then WORDS, so you can claim to be a Christian but your actions isn't then what are? right? im considered a great adviser or counselor despite my age. I get along with Adults PERFECTLY. i don't want to be an adult but be a teen forever cause adult world is scary and more responsibilities, and that shows im lazy too. I play a lot of Sports more then 4, my main ones are swimming, track, soccer and basket-ball.I have Spiritual Knowledge and WORLDLY knowledge, THANK YOU for whoever is reading this, and GOD BLESS! ohh and HOPE YOU LOVE and COMMENT on my POEMS! PEACE! Updates


Depression is my thing
pain is my pleasure
frustration is peace
blood is my sustainable water
sorrow is everyday for me
rejected and rejections are my twin brothers
light makes me blind
Serial killer is my career
white is my hateful color

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