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some people say im twisted in my head but im not, my mum and my friends say i have extreme talent when it comes to rhyming words and i write my poems about my moods or my dreams or just something as random as that i just sit up in my room and write, until my mind goes blank and i cant think anymore,

Anyways, i hope you enjoy my poems i will be updating them as soon as i can find them all in my draw xx

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none not quite yet! i want to publish a book i just dont think i have the patience to do it though if i do i'll ket you know Updates

Horrible Silence

i lay here tonight in a dark silent room,
feeling only pain and uncontrollable gloom,
pictures of blood flash in my head,
pictures of you lying on the floor dead.

Never to come and mess up my life,
i smile as i wip the blood from my knife,
your darkened red blood spills out on the street,
your colden heart stop dead in its beat,

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