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some people say im twisted in my head but im not, my mum and my friends say i have extreme talent when it comes to rhyming words and i write my poems about my moods or my dreams or just something as random as that i just sit up in my room and write, until my mind goes blank and i cant think anymore,

Anyways, i hope you enjoy my poems i will be updating them as soon as i can find them all in my draw xx

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none not quite yet! i want to publish a book i just dont think i have the patience to do it though if i do i'll ket you know Updates

Should I?

Should I kill you?
Should I smother you?
Should I accidently poison you?
Should I well i dont know but i want to!

People say i should,
but i dont know if i could
i probably can because youre a weak one
You're a worthless piece of scum!

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