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Smart Endurance Abavo is a young man who has great passion for investing in people's minds. He is a novelist, poet, essayist, music lover, educator and motivational orator. Born in the early 90s into a Christian family of two, Smart Abavo, who hails from Delta State has written several poems and other motivational works. Smart is a member of Ruphem Publications Network (a youth organisation with the primary aim of investing in the mind of the populace) , and co-producer of the popular annual seminar tagged 'Ruphem Youth Summit'. Based in Lagos but studies at the University of Benin, Smart, as he is popularly called is an icon of excellence full of creativity and endowed with nature's greatest gift to mankind (writing) . His 16-line poem 'The Indispensable Guest' won the award for the best poem of April 2014; an award given by Words Rhymes and Rhythm. Email address: Updates

The Indispensable Guest

After the hasty departure of our quivery guest
We buckled buckets- bedlam, in a waterfest
Rain-sourced boreholes frowned at the innocent queue
That curved and curved till it drew letter Q
Masters bothered yet helpless as scarcity knocked
Leaving every hostel steamless and seemingly locked

We held our breath, six days, nothing handsome
As deep darkness held our sight and might to ransom

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