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helloo......nothing special about me....just wanted a place to put all my poems in one place b4 i lose them all...........and poemhunter seems poems arent grand and all..they're just simple and easy to read unlike most poems which cannot be understood in the first read...
i'm just a normal girl......
living in india....doing my college and beginning a brand new life....
hope u guys like my poems...if u do...leave a comment...thanks... :) Updates

The Strength Of The Sea

'See my power', the sea shouted to man,
'I can crush houses, as well as buildings as flat as a pan'.
Man argued, you can destroy a lot of lives,
But the rest of us have protected ourselves with pitchforks and knives'.

'Silly human, what do you think', the sea burst out laughing,
'That you can protect yourselves with all those pointy things.'
'I may not be able to, now I understand,
But don't think that you can rule us' said the human with a wave of his hand.

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