Sneha R Poems

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The Moon

The moon

I saw the moon at a distance
Why not say 10000 miles for instance

I Am Still Standing

There are two paths in front of me.
I ask myself, "Can't you see? "
The pieces of my broken heart,
continue to break and fall apart.

My Hero

I was descending from the high to low
My world seemed shattered, I wondered how
A bridge I thought I would cross alone
Fighting off all the fiends, all alone

Moi And The Boat

Everyone has dreams, big and small
Some as big as a shopping mall
Others small but unique like a gem
With mine, I can just shout or hem

What Do I See In My Soul?

What do I see in my soul?
I see beautiful memories engraved in gold.
Each one years and years old
Yet so unique and young at heart,

The Person Within (Love Yourself)

The whole world crucifies me,
"I did it for you " I scream my throat out-
Trying hard to gain from the pain
And escape from this darkness forever

As Pretty As The Picture

The picture Oh!   The most beautiful picture
How gorgeous was its lustre

The picture of the girl in Scotland