Soap Dish

Rookie (4/8/96 / haha...not telling..>.<)

Biography of Soap Dish

Hello, I'm Asian, and I'm very much into Poems. I just started getting back into it because of my aunt, and yeah. I'm not that good at writing them, so if you hate them, don't say anything bad!
About me, I really love to sleep, draw, write poems, dance, listen to music, eat...sleep. My favorite band is SUPER JUNIOR! This awesome Korean boy-band, favorite books are the Twilight Series! GO EMMETT! ! XD
Once you get to know me, you'll see that I am very random most of the time. So yeah, talk to me!

Soap Dish's Works:

None...I'm only 13! XD Updates

It's You...

I can't love anyone else, I love only you
I can't see anyone else, I only look at you
I can't hear anyone else, my ears can hear only you
When you ask if I found someone new, I lie and say yes,
but honestly, it's just you...
Even when you love someone else, I can't give up on you
The moment I saw you, my heart was captured by you
The moment you left, my heart broke into two, I can't live without you
I don't have any regrets, I was the one that chose you

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