Sober Barik

Rookie (Patna, Bihar State INDIA)

Biography of Sober Barik

Sober Barik poet

Personal information

01. Full Name: Swobhagya Ranjan Barik
02. PoemHunter Name: Sober Barik
03. Other Names: Saurav, Pinku, Sam etc..
04. Birthday: Aug.24
05. Sex: Male
06. Martial Status: Single
07. Zodiac Sign: Virgo
08. Degree: BSc(IT)
09. Institution: NIIT College Campus, BBSR.
10. Occupation: Student
11. Nature: Attitude!
12. Best Quality: Caring & Loving!
13. Worst Quality: Hyperness!

My Appearance

14. Hair Color: Dark Black
15. Hair Length: Depends (Mostly Short SPIKES)
16. Eye Color: Dark Brown
17. Nose: Straight (My friends call it 'CHAPTI' lol)
18. Lips: Normal
19. Complexion: Wheetish
20. Waist: 32
21. Weight: 69 Kg
22. Height: 5.6' Ft
23. Build: Smart Slim
24. Glasses: No
25. Piercings: yes
26. Tattoos: Yes(On my right hand)
27. Righty or Lefty: Righty

My Firsts

28. First best friend: MYSELF
29. First Award: When I was in KG.
30. First Professional Job: BPO!
31. First Sport joined: Cricket (Which I hate now)
32. First pet: Royal Python (Snake)
33. First Vehicle: Hero (Bicycle)
34. First Gift from MOTHER: Don't Remember
35. First Gift from FATHER: Don't Remember
36. First Gift from WIFE: I'm Single
37. First Hand Watch: Digital(Rs 20/-)
38. First Real Vacation: India
39. First phone: LG.
40. First Love: Myself.

My Favourites

41. Movie: Depends on Story!
42. Serial: I Don’t Like Any!
43. Indian Male Model: John
44. Indian Female Model: Ketrina
45. Indian Designer: Ritu
46. Color: Black, Red, White
47. Rapper: Eminem
48. Band: BSB, Linkin Park
49. DISH: Indian!
50. Friends: Lots of!
51. Sweet: Rasgula
52. Sport to Play: Basketbal!
53. Restaurant: Asians
54. Brand: Lee, Wrengler
55. Car: Audi (for future)
56. Bike: Bajaj Platina 125 cc
57. Animal: Cheetah
58. Personality: Anna Hazare (Social Activitist)
59. Book: Sri Bagwadgita

My Future (On ganeshaye)

60. Want to be Married: Yes, Soon!
61. Age to be married: 20 till 99 (Whenever I find the best girl)
62. Want Kids: No!
63. Where do you want to live: France
64. CAR: Audi again! !

Which is Better With the Opposite Sex

65. Hair color: Black, Dark Brown
66. Hair length: Long
67. Eye color: Dark Brown
68. Measurements: Apx. Min 5.1”, Max 5.6”
69. Cute or Sexy: Both
70. Lips or Eyes: Both
71. Hugs or Kisses: Both
72. Short, Tall Or Normal: Normal
73. Easygoing or serious: Both
74. Romantic or Spontaneous: Romantic
75. Fatty or Skinny: Normal
76. Sensitive or Loud: Sensitive
77. Hook-up or Relationship: Relationship
78. Sweet or Caring: a bit of Both
79. Trouble Maker or Hesitant One: Both

I Ever?

80. Kissed a Stranger: Never
81. Had sex: Personal Question!
82. Makeout: Personal Question!
83. Had Alcohol: Occasionally
84. Been in a police station: No No Never
85. Admit in Hospital: Nope
86. Ran Away From Home: Yes, When I was 2 years LOL
87. Broken a bone: No
88. Got an X-ray: No
89. Been with someone: Always
90. Broken Someone’s Heart: I think No but God better knows!
91. Had One Sided Love: No
92. Cried When Someone Died: No
93. Cried At School: No

Do I Believe In?

94. God: Om Ganeshaye, Jai Jaganath & Maa Kali
95. Miracles: Actually.
96. Love At First sight: Yes
97. Ghosts: No
98. Aliens: No
99. Soul: Yes
100. Angels: Yes
101. Horoscopes: Ahh, Crap!

Want to ask more, ask me! Updates

Zindagi Ki Paribhasa! !

Uncha to aasmaan bhi hote hain,
Magar baadal usse nigal jaate hain!
Gehre to samudra bhi hote hain,
Magar kinaara usse kha jate hain! !

Dird to jakhm me bhi hote hain,
Magar dawa usse Bujha dete hain!
Hawa to saansein me bhi hote hain,
Magar maut usse thehra jaate hain! !

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