Sofiul Azam

Rookie - 439 Points (January19,1981 / Bangladesh)

Sofiul Azam Poems

41. In Praise Of Clichés 7/17/2016
42. Chance Encounters 7/21/2016
43. The Fish Curry 7/21/2016
44. Loose Ties Of Consanguinity 7/21/2016
45. Impasse 7/21/2016
46. The Twins' Pilgrimage 7/21/2016
47. Ripostes 7/21/2016
48. Granny's Quilt 7/21/2016
49. Waiting For A Package 7/22/2016
50. To Robert Lowell 7/22/2016
51. Translation 7/22/2016
52. To Osip Mandelstam 7/22/2016
53. Alphabet Of Compromise 9/7/2008
54. Remembrance Of Things Past 2/16/2006
55. Discordant Harmony 8/30/2006
56. Custard Apples 2/4/2007
57. Shakespeare’s Quills 12/2/2005
58. Apostles Of The New Age 9/16/2005
59. The Betrayal 8/8/2005
60. St. George And The Dragon 8/27/2005
61. The House Of Rumours 3/23/2005
62. Disjecta Membra 3/28/2005
63. The Defeat 3/28/2005
64. Somewhere Around Despair 7/25/2005
65. In Love With A Gorgon 3/23/2005

Comments about Sofiul Azam

  • Teresa Juhasz (7/17/2005 4:40:00 AM)

    I have now read about you, as well as a handful of your poems and it was certainly my pleasure to have done so. You have left me speechless, not to mention extremely curious to why such a well educated man with a gift to string together words in the most artistic way, leaving the colour to bleed between the lines, creating a page that no longer appears anything less than a painting in a Cathedral and makes me feel as if I was holding your beating heart in the palm of my hands.

    All my life I have wondered both wide and far. Learning to listen to my heart’s instant whispers. Learning to write about what I love and in return to love what I have written. Spreading my wings, soaring high into the sky, where there is another life of sense and thoughts. Amongst the clouds my pen is set free and my heart begins to bleed the ink. The sky gives me the beauty in telling my agony as well as my happiness. My writing, an art of creation, I breath in the words as if they were fresh air. Breathing out, I spread them across the sky, so they can begin to take on a life of their own.

    I hope that you will reply quite soon. Thank you so much …Teresa

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  • Sofiul Azam (7/17/2005 4:30:00 AM)

    Linda M. Stitt, renowned Canadian poet and my well-wisher, has sent her comment about my poetry in an e-mail:

    I have just read some of your poetry and found it profound and compelling, full of rich language and powerful imagery. I wish you every success with your work.

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  • Sofiul Azam (7/17/2005 4:28:00 AM)

    Linda Rogers, renowned Canadian poet and my well-wisher, has sent her comment about my poetry in an e-mail:

    I enjoyed reading your poems. You have what I call the Indian eye for intense, passionate and compassionate images.

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Best Poem of Sofiul Azam

The Defeat

for my father

The King saw his chiefs stand like the deaf
(brave sepoys stirred blood in their veins,
yet weapons fell down dead on the battlefield)
and watched their conspiracy of silence stage the defeat.

His face was smeared with mud of defeat;
no way out of enduring bits of derivative shame.
Nothing would have occurred if he'd split hair in anger,
for he'd known pretty well: no solace in the retreat.

Getting on board the boat on the snaky Bhagirathi;
burnt in the flames of hunger along with his family
he saw things as they are, for...

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In Love With A Gorgon

At the time of the sun's spitting saffron out in the sky,
my life turned into a dazzling Gorgon and smiled.

The Gorgon with her snaky hair and tempting eyes
that I didn't know, turned a lot of things into stone.

Her smile drove me unwilling to suffer an eclipse,
frantic to climb the ladder of paramount ecstasy.