Solem Moonlight

Rookie (July 23,1994 / Oklahoma City)

Biography of Solem Moonlight

Quotations 'The legends of the past are exaggerated and overturned, in surpassing them new legends are born' ~ Anonymous

'Love is the answer to its own question' ~ Anonymous

'Absence of love will make the heart fonder' ~ Anonymous

'Out of all things in tounge and in pen, the saddest of them all is 'It could of been'' ~ Anonymous

'I've died, left not a spark, myself I send to you in the lifeless dark'

'Love is like the seasons, it rises with the spring, and falls with the snow'

'The soul sheds Light, and Death in its Shadow. When the Light dims, Life and Death embrace.' ~ Anonymous

‎ 'In Life we Weep. We do not cry to prolong our sorrow, but to purify our souls. If the wounds of an open heart are seared shut with cynicism, hatred, rage, envy, then that heart is only capable of expressing those destructive feelings. Yet instead if those feelings are expressed by open and honest tears then we may truly heal. Cry to know that once again, hopefully, you may know Joy.' ~ Anonymous

'If there ever comes a day where we can't be together, keep me in your heart, there I will stay forever' ~ Anonymous

'I always wondered why birds stay in the same place, when they can fly anywhere on earth; Then I asked myself the same question'
~ Anonymous

'You were the leaves bathing in the sun, But I.. Was the roots that grew in the dark' ~ Anonymous Updates


In-love with this girl
Her eyes, they drive me cray
Nose looks so cute
And hair? Oh-so pretty
I'd walk a thousand miles
Just to see her smile
I'd pick her all the flowers

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