Soma Mukherjee

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My life is a garden,
where the poetries and proses,
which flow in my veins mingle
and spread happiness and hopefully inspiration.
Here in my courtyard
you will find humour, satire,
inspiring thought provoking poems
and short rhyming stories.

You will find me in all my poetries,
for I live in them
every poem big or small,
free verse or rhyme
has come from a warm heart
which wishes you a happy reading,
may you find solace in every thing you read
and may every thing that you read
fill your soul with joy and wonderment.

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Mr. Page

I now present to you the talk of the town Mr. Page
He looks are deceptive, please don't be fooled by his age
He lives alone in a house near to his office in front of a park
He has far too many enemies for he is a loan shark

Before I tell you more let me put a disclaimer
Now days anyone can sue you, even a lamer
So if there is any resemblance with anyone dead or alive
Its a mere coincidence, have checked all archive

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