Soma Mukherjee

Soma Mukherjee Poems

1. Best News Channel In The World 5/23/2011
2. More Exams Please 5/24/2011
3. Murder In The Valley 5/30/2011
4. The Burden Of Being A Bridal Gown 6/1/2011
5. Merciless Mirror 6/5/2011
6. God@aboveall.Omni 6/7/2011
7. Milestone And A Mountain Rock 6/11/2011
8. League Of Extraordinary Humans 6/19/2011
9. In This And That Of Life 7/3/2011
10. In The Magical Land Of Library 7/5/2011
11. An Awakening 7/11/2011
12. An Expensive Dream 7/12/2011
13. Autism Child - From The Same God 7/13/2011
14. A Dead Man Is Always Wrong 6/14/2011
15. A Doubt 7/17/2011
16. Urban Birds 7/6/2011
17. Beat The Heat 7/20/2011
18. Crystal Clear Dreams 7/21/2011
19. Still Alive 7/23/2011
20. Daddy Longlegs 7/29/2011
21. Dry Spell 8/5/2011
22. August Arch 8/16/2011
23. Beneath All That Cobweb 7/18/2011
24. All In Your Faith 7/18/2011
25. Freedom 7/15/2011
26. It's Not Your Time To Go 5/27/2011
27. Autism Is.... 6/13/2011
28. In Pursuit Of Bliss 6/7/2011
29. The Ravaged Canvases 6/25/2011
30. In The Sunset Sky 6/22/2011
31. Fly Fly - Fly Away 7/16/2011
32. Diary Of A Perfect Man 5/27/2011
33. I See Today 5/24/2011
34. From Jail 5/19/2011
35. Two Of Each 5/19/2011
36. A Seasoned Weather 5/19/2011
37. A Very Sad Letter 5/19/2011
38. The Reaper Is Out Of Coverage Area 5/22/2011
39. An Unnecessary Interruption 5/22/2011
40. If You Can, Then You Must 5/22/2011

Comments about Soma Mukherjee

  • Wendell Brown Wendell Brown (7/14/2012 5:16:00 AM)

    A blessing to see that your poems are shared here...i have missed the smile of your words my sister! Another gem!

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  • indira Mukherjee (12/25/2011 4:15:00 AM)

    A nice poem Soma, yes your poems fill me with joy and wonderment.

Best Poem of Soma Mukherjee

' Of Chimes And A Gong

Life, a journey, a saga, and all the fuss
Of spotlight hogger's and the anonymous
Masters and puppets, tortoises and rabbits
People driven by wants and habits

Sweet thorns and dangerous flowers
The agonizingly slow seconds and fast paced hours

Unbelievable adventurous path
Few taking the walk, living it
Others spending time doing all the math

Some will's some wont's
Arguing the do's and dont's
Shying away when times call
All but speculating rise and fall

To say nothing exists without its opposite
Good and bad, traditional or fad

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Tale Of Two Towns

This is a story of a girl named Gossip and the boy named Spy.
They both lived in a small town named Me and I.

Gossip was all about going out and having fun,
All she did was making people victim of her malicious pun.

And then our little angel named Spy who was used to having blast,
He too had fun scaring people by digging out and exposing their past.

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