Somanathan Iyer

Somanathan Iyer Poems

361. The Kittens 7/22/2013
362. Concepts 2 6/23/2013
363. My Journey 7/16/2013
364. Who Is Responsible? 11/10/2013
365. Hopes, Content, Peace And Frustration 8/27/2013
366. A Dawn Awaited 8/9/2013
367. Money Power 6/19/2013
368. True Value 9/10/2013
369. Thank You The Year 2013, Welcome New Year 2014 12/31/2013
370. Natural Comforts 10/24/2013
371. It'X All In The Game 9/6/2013
372. A Message For Future 9/5/2013
373. Difficult Times Of God (A Humor) 6/27/2013
374. A Remedy In Frustration 7/19/2013
375. Truth 9/11/2014
376. Different Strokes 7/2/2013
377. An Evening At Our Village Hills 9/15/2013
378. Death-The Constant Companion 5/30/2013
379. The River That Is No More 6/27/2013
380. Concepts 6/23/2013
381. Illusion 6/16/2013
382. Remedy For Rapes 8/25/2013
383. The Wind 6/3/2013
384. Mystery Of Life 1/13/2014
385. Nature And Future 6/16/2013
386. Power Of Money 8/30/2014

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Power Of Money

On one day early morning
when darkness making lazy exit
walking there on the roads
hand in hand an aged couple
among themselves charting plans
in finding sources for raising funds
to meet the needs of daughter's marriage
from behind knocks them down
a speeding car exceeding limits
another turn took the killer car
racing through a road in slum
finds pleasure in running over
three sleeping boys before their hut
all in their teens and daily wagers
before halting at its palatial bungalow
the same car hits a woman cleaning the road
tossing her to ...

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The Solitary Soul

O Soul! Sow never any seeds of attachment
Reaping the fruits of dismay looms large
Restrict your desires for objects of no-life
For they can't deceit you with acts of detachment

Grow not your fantasies around the people you like
That makes you live for ever in a Fool's paradise
Sincere may be your expectations from the beloved
Contempt is the reward awarded for your concern

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