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281. The Destitute Girl 9/2/2013
282. Mindset Of A Common Man 8/25/2013
283. Dreams Are Free And Colorful Too 7/16/2013
284. Poetry And Poets 7/4/2013
285. Concepts 8 7/3/2013
286. Concepts 3 6/24/2013
287. Concepts 4 6/25/2013
288. Voice Of The Soul 6/26/2013
289. A Smile At Last 6/9/2013
290. Where The Mind Is Without Worries! 8/9/2013
291. Fearful But Tempting 8/10/2013
292. A Trip To Tirumala 7/19/2013
293. Concepts 12 7/20/2013
294. Down But Not Out! 7/6/2013
295. Journey Of Life 7/16/2013
296. Xpressing Gratitude 3/19/2013
297. March Forward 5/19/2013
298. How To Control? 6/13/2013
299. Human Nature 5/27/2013
300. God-The Prisoner 5/27/2013
301. Mind Is A Monkey 5/31/2013
302. I Know, But Of No Use 6/2/2013
303. The Solitary Soul 11/18/2012
304. A Prayer To Lord Siva 3/10/2013
305. Words Of Wisdom 2/11/2013
306. Elimination Of Violence Against Women 11/25/2013
307. This Is Modern Life! 11/18/2013
308. Bondage And Attachments 11/16/2013
309. Don'T Pretend 12/4/2013
310. The Place That Matters 12/13/2013
311. The End Of A Saga 12/6/2013
312. Missing 1/28/2014
313. Who Am I 1/28/2014
314. A Riverside Night 8/17/2014
315. Sleepless Nights 10/3/2014
316. Prosetry 9/8/2014
317. The 'El-Nino' 7/3/2014
318. Why To Worry? 8/7/2016
319. The Uncontrollable 1/1/2015
320. Cycle Of Life 2/14/2016

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Power Of Money

On one day early morning
when darkness making lazy exit
walking there on the roads
hand in hand an aged couple
among themselves charting plans
in finding sources for raising funds
to meet the needs of daughter's marriage
from behind knocks them down
a speeding car exceeding limits
another turn took the killer car
racing through a road in slum
finds pleasure in running over
three sleeping boys before their hut
all in their teens and daily wagers
before halting at its palatial bungalow
the same car hits a woman cleaning the road
tossing her to ...

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The Creation Of Woman

Long ago, Very Long ago, God was caught in a pensive mood
After sending down Giant sized Creatures with violent Nature
Floods and Fires with hellish Fury, Man was sent to live on earth
Man was single no one to mingle, wandered jungles with no one to tingle
God looked down noticed the Gloom, Dull and Dumb was the life on Earth

God sat straight, fastened his belt, decided at once to add some spice
Finding an answer God shined bright patted him self for striking it right

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