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Writing is my passion, i started writing since i was 14 years, i kept nourishing this habit, which initially became my hobby gradually; my passion, ultimately; my desired a student of literature i nurtured my writing since college days. presently, Being a lecturer at a business-school, i somehow manage to steal time for my love, i.e-writing.i got the inspiration of writing poems from my parents who have always been my support in every field. i love to pen-picture all my thoughts in form of poems touching different phases of life and viewing life through different prospective. Updates

My Adorable Friend

a friend so loving, adorable and rare;
a heart so tender, full of care.
special is the relation which we do share;
which returned smile to my every single tear.
lets the bond be strong, so time may not dare;
to kill it into pieces and break it ever.
relations never die being far or near;
let us promise to be friends forever.
affectionate as ever you have been;

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