Animal Instinct

Rating: 5.0

Bite me
I will bite in return
Hurt me
I will hurt in return
Don't scare me
I will fill fear in you
Just once challenge me
I will bring you down

I like some thing
I will copy
You taunt me
I will simply deny
Accost me
I will tremble
Just once challenge me
I will bring you down

An animal is hidden
Inside this drape of humane
The instinct of a beast
Can never way out in feast
Let a moment trying appear
Restrain, humility disappear
Evil dances takes round
Revenge howls like hound
Trust and faith burn
Then Goodness in turn
Slumbers in this ground

Let that child wake
That hides in the rakes
Blow the whistle of peace
Hound in you can receive
Animal thus caged inside
Slowly love starts to ignite

Monday, August 18, 2014
Topic(s) of this poem: society
Hannington Mumo 09 August 2015

Great piece by the queen of superior craft...!

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Nalini Jyotsana Chaturvedi 21 September 2014

Animal instincts never die just hidden in veils. Always ready to show their heads. Very beautifully written

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