Black Crow Poem by Mehta Hasmukh Amathaal

Black Crow

Rating: 4.7

It is unpleasant to see black crow
I keep the stones ready to throw
No one likes constant ka-ka noise
Very sharp, intelligent bird and wise

We may know nothing about them
They have dirty work and no fame
How much useful they are to mankind?
We don’t know yet but still mind

They get wind of everything early
Find out remains and eat them calmly
They serve the mankind in best way
We neglect them and keep at bay

It has no lovely feature and look
People have painted them clever and crook
They need not search for any fresh food
For them garbage is nice or very good

There would have been spread of epidemic
If the removal of dirt is not systematic
They come to the help and clear the area
No need to invite them or make any plea

They are fearful of human being
Always fly away with powerful wing
With one voice they flock in thousands
Meal is over in friction of seconds

They provide us very noble service
All our essential needs they suffice
Think of them if they are not there
The dirt will remain as and where

They are not liked by because of color
We may not remain in vicinity due to odor
This is their best choice and favorite dish
They will have fist if they find meat and fish

They are in real sense enemy of diseases
Good health prevails and epidemic ceases
How can they be called mean scavengers?
When they are clean agent and messengers

They deserve to be cared by bird lovers
They can’t take place of eye movers
Still they are haunted by everybody
They come and eat unnoticed by anybody


aww! ! ! thz really sweet. almost spelled sweet wrong. whoopz. i like how u brought the flawz and mistakes of humankind without pointing fingers while still pointing out the beauty of life even in some of the more annoying or 'repulsive' (lolz) formz.

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Rafique Farooqi 07 February 2010

you made a focus on life of a bird very beautifully, giving clues as we sometimes in our life think about them as they are never useless creature.....great write

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Lexi Zamora 28 January 2010

very good im really impressed

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Hig honour for a humble bird. Well done my friend. It is always excellent when the voiceless can be heard via great poetry.

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Fred Babbin 20 January 2010

Well done. You worked hard on this.

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