China Doll Poem by ivor or ivor.e hogg

China Doll

Rating: 5.0

I have a little china doll, a figurine,
she stands in pride of place on my bookcase.
Sometimes from the corner of my eye,
I think that I can see her cry. I wonder why.

But when I look to check what I have seen,
her painted smile is fixed serene
and then she winks at me.
Can this be the start of some odd malady?

She sometimes gives a quiet sob, that I
seem to hear with my ear. Really queer
I don’t believe that I’m insane. But why
should I imagine such strange things? Oh dear,

She has just stuck out her tongue at me
and smiled a wicked little grin. How odd
I’ve had her for years, What can she see
in me she hasn’t seen before. I nod

involuntarily, .She lifts her skirt
and starts to flirt with me, shamelessly.
Perhaps she has been unhappy for a while
and wants me to make her smile. It might be

a figment of my imagination
or is this actually happening.,
Maybe it’s only a sublimation
of the pain I feel. She starts to sing.

an aria from Madame Butterfly.
This is absurd. Her voice is very clear
the sad wistful longing makes me cry.
I wish that she was real and she was here.

She would make my loneliness disappear
and we could join in wanton dance. And drink
Champagne, eat caviar. But you my dear
are just my little china doll I THINK.

Jennifer Perryman 24 October 2007

ivor, wonderful, beautiful poem.... I can see, and hear your china doll. She is a rare beauty, just like your poem. I enjoyed reading your enchanting, poem. Brilliant, Poetry.....BRAVO, BRAVO.....! ! ! ! ! !

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Marvin Brato 19 October 2007

A subtle poetry with much love! Thanks for sharing Ivor, top marks.

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Andrew mark Wilkinson 19 October 2007

Well she sounds quite a doll, my Friend lets hope your not going off the deep end, don't want your poetry to end...10

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ivor or ivor.e hogg

ivor or ivor.e hogg

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