Going To The Zoo Poem by Jay P Narain

Going To The Zoo

On a nice warm winter afternoon,
we took our grand daughter to visit the zoo,

She was all strapped in the stroller,
wondered why she is not riding single or double humped camel,
Instead of throwing her hands in the excitement in the stroller,
She would giggle with joy riding on the back of the camel.

The lazy hazy winter sun,
made the tigers and lions yawn in the sun,
She almost fell asleep in contagious yawn,
Till she decided watching colorful parrots would be fun.

The monkeys were playing around in trees,
The chimp was grinning with banana in his hands,
With the pacifier in the mouth, she wondered with open eyes,
'How human cousins looked at us from other side'.

She wondered why beautiful giraffes looked other way,
Why the elephants stood still and minded their way,
Why the striped zebras hid themselves from everyone's sight,
Why the sleepy alligator looked so oblivious in his muddy plight.

She appreciated people who would come and say,
How cute, a pretty girl in stroller in a jungle safari frock,
In the stroller, she felt like the animals locked in the cage,
She would love to grow up and see her and all her friends out of the cage.

The time went fast,
the winter zoo hours were short,
She was happy to say good bye to chicken, goat and pig in the petting penn,
She was ready to grasp her bottle and go to sleep.

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